Puppies APBT in 2016

We will have to sell one top-grown puppy APBT (5-month male). It is the litter intended for our needs and to sell it will therefore only one male puppy. Will go exclusively to the home where they will appreciate its quality!

Serious candidates for puppies APBT provide more information and a tour of the kennels. Please contact us only serious candidates for the American pit bull puppy from our breeding program who have appropriate conditions for owned dog like this .

Štěňata 2016 Štěňata 2016 Štěňata 2016 Štěňata 2016

More about our APBT yard in section Our breeding.

Our pit bulls are not intended for any illegal use! We reserve the right to select the appropriate owners for our puppies APBT.

Pups 2016
Pups 2016
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