Puppies APBT in 2021



          Currently we have one male from litter "J2" available, he is "ready to go". The photos can be found below.

          For serious people interested in a quality pit bull puppy, we will provide more detailed information about the litter, parents and our pit bull breeding program and allow a tour of the parents and the tour Anathema breeding.

          We demand only on individuals, who has apropriate conditions to keeping pitbulterrier.


          More about our APBT yard in section Our breeding.

          Our pit bull puppies are always sold with a pedigree, vaccinated, dewormed, with a guarantee of purebredness and blood-line.

[1] 'J2' means, that in our kennel had already been born puppies of litters A-Z (starting letters of their names). So, we are now using alphabet second time - A2-Z2.

Our pit bulls are not intended for any illegal use! We reserve the right to select the appropriate owners for our APBT puppies.

Updated 20. March 2022

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