Confirmations dog show awards in 2011



The exhibition The judge, who is in the world APBT term - Marlene Zwettler (Austria)

Attended by six of our dogs, of which they won five awards:

KIM third place in males 3-5 years

MIA second place in females 12 to 18 months

IGY second place in females 3-5 years

HANNAH second in the category of females over 5 years

GUNNER third in the category of males over 5 years

Dále se výstavy zůčastnili 2 feny naší krve:

1) Anathema´s G-LINE MIA (narozena na našem kennelu) - 2. místo v kategorii feny 12 - 18 měsíců

2) Gremlin´s OLI (inbred na fenu z našeho kennelu Anathema´s CALIENTE) - 1. místo v kategorii feny 3 – 5 let

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