APBT breeding program - development Anathema kennel

With breeding APBT we started in 1996. Two years later we are from ADBA , Inc . , USA , Utah (the greatest authority in the world breed American pit bull terrier) received certification for breeding and protected name "Anathema kennels".

The first target that stood before us, was to obtain quality specimens of the breed American Pit Bull Terrier. At the same time, which was equally important, we tried to get the most comprehensive information about the breed APBT, we have managed to maintain, respectively. Ideally, to improve the properties of the default animals. To gain valuable information about breeding and genetics, so important in the world APBT, proved to be difficult and we have to say that this day is for any new lover of the breed difficult task ...

The first task that stood before us , involved in the search and retrieval of quality information about this breed , which was not the case in(and is not even now) light APBT.In this period, we experimented with several bloodlines (Maximillian, Giroux, Boomerang, Hammond, Sorrels, Jeep ). Dogs that we had, respectively their ancestors, were from different countries and several continents (Canada, USA, Montenegro, Australia). We researched the specific characteristics of individual APBT bloodlines and their combinations.

We tried to get the best information about APBT, preferably from experienced dogmans.That's why we have to Czech Republic in 1999 to invite living legend, from Las Vegas, Mr. Scott Monroe Nelson - he knew personally legendary breeder "old school" who had a great influence on the formation of the breed American Pit Bull Terrier and with whom we now have the opportunity to meet only in the literature. His personal acquaintances and friends were as Earl Tudor, Bert Clouse, John Langham, Maurice Carver, George Saddler, Bob Wallace, Leo Kinard us more time Boby Hall, Don Maloney and Floyd Boudreaux.

"Scotty , thank you for your professional opinion on our dogs , invaluable advice and information! It was refreshing for us to meet you in our quest to APBT in the jungle , which we call the world , so immediate and sincere lover of the breed."

A watershed in the development of our APBT breeding program was 2002 when we decided , based on the results of existing breedings, we try to create our own bloodline . We carried out a first mating line G -line , we're working on now. More about our bloodline APBT see G-line.>

In addition to the G-line blood-line we use these bloodlines APBT:

- S.P´s (Nelu´s) GR CH BADY JUNIOR R.O.M.,
- Evolution´s GR CH MACHOBUCK ROM,
- Ayed´s (Neznam´s / Nasty man´s) CH JAZZ ROM.
- Radonjic´s JUMBO R.O.M.
- Zinetti´s (Sirmium´s) CH BEKA R.O.M.“

Actualized in August 2020.

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