APBT bloodline G-LINE

Descendants of Anathema 's (Skrba 's) GORA answered our ideas about the ideal APBT and to surprise the percentage of top dogs... For these reasons, we decided in 2002 to use her genetic potential when creating our bloodline APBT, which we called G-LINE.

GORA was the granddaughter of Auclair's CH TOM, a well-known APBT not only in the Balkans (also known as CH . Black Tom), on which we have established significantly. Simultaneously carrying blood B  S CH TOM (also known as Krkeljic's (Scepovic's) CH TOM whether colloquially CH . Yellow Tom.

Blood line G-line is not dedicated exclusively to one direction. In the first place we are trying to produce APBT fully adequate standard of the breed, perfectly safe for their owners, stable, intelligent, top athletes and infinitely bold. We pay great attention to the health and vitality of dogs created by us APBT line.

These properties of APBT through rigorous selection and sophisticated breeding program consolidating after four generations. If an individual does not meet these , crucial for us, properties APBT is not used in our breeding program for breeding.

To be confident in our line of compliance with set standards for APBT, we have chosen the only completely reliable way - let the pups from each litter. By applying this strategy, which is very demanding (not just financially), we manage to fulfill our breeding plans and objectives.

In compliance with all standards APBT make no distinction between dogs according to size, weight or color. In our line APBT dogs are born different colors in weight 15-24 kg (fitness weight "off-season" then 17-28 kg). In our line APBT never appeared dog discolouration. Undesirable color is meant color that has at APBT genetic association with health problems (albinism, merle, blue eye), so they should be these individuals from breeding phased out.

We believe that the properties described APBT is versatile. Dogs from our APBT bloodline are proof. G-line dogs are successful in sports, obedience, exterior competitions, as well as prized as a special "pet dogs". Our APBT are typical of their strong health. For four generations, our APBT hold year-round outdoors, without any negative consequences on their health.

More about our Gora you can find in section  Skrba's GORA.

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