Confirmations dog show awards in 2016



Anathemas G-LINE OTIS
Anathemas ZACHARIA

In 2016, after a year break, we competed for the biggest Pitbull Show in the Czech Republic. The show is traditionally boasted the biggest competition in the show ring and could not help noticing that the exterior quality of the APBT in the Czech Republic is growing significantly, as well as the condition of show dogs.

On Conformation Show goes people to compete, the goal is to win. This year's PIT BULL SHOW Křivonoska Anathema kennels nevertheless conceived somewhat differently.

We showed our Anathema's G-LINE OTIS and Anathema's (Rytych's) ZACHARIA. OTIS come compete, ZACHARIA at the age of 11.5 years to show what physical and mental condition can be a quality individual APBT in his earned retirement ...

Anathema's G-LINE OTIS don´t disappoint us again and won first place in his category (this time male 3-5 years)! On his repeated awards, we are proud not only to own such a APBT, but the more, the OTIS presents the fourth generation of our pitbulls breeding program and together the tightest blood lead on our Anathema's GORA ever!

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