Anathema´s (Skrba´s) GORA

Anathema's (Skrba's) GORA was the granddaughter of Auclair's CH TOM (imported from Canada), which became the cornerstone of several highly successful breeding programs in the Balkans, where he is known as CH. Black Tom. Current Gora bore the blood of another APBT, which has left an indelible mark in the European pitbulls B & S CH TOM (known as Krkeljic's (Scepovic's) CH TOM).

Features typical APBT

As we stated in section Our breeding, at the beginning we experimented with representatives of several bloodlines APBT . The properties, which we have at most prized pit bulls were mainly :

  • great loyalty to people (especially his majitelůmjejich family)
  • reliable and stable nature ( even in critical situations )
  • high intelligence,
  • top athleticism,
  • boundless courage (game - Unique property specific APBT),
  • good health (geneticaly clear - without hereditary diseases),
  • high resistance of the organism to stress of any kind.

Dog , which had all the this qualities was for us ideal of a pit bull . Our Gora above mentioned qualities possessed , current , which was for the future and breeding more importantly she their qualities reliably transmitted to offspring.

Influence on future breeding program

Gora has been crucial to our future breeding program of APBT. Based on the properties, which passed to his descendants we decided in 2002 to focus on the utilization of its genetic potential attempt to create a custom bloodline pit bull, which we named G-line.

Gora (our basic breeding female) was breed with this five stud males (chronologically):

Zahornadsky´s TOBY JR.

- dog Maximillian / Jeep bloodlines, lived his life in Anathema kennel

Komany´s CASTRO

- dog of Mladen Krkeljic (Komany kennels - Montenegro), son of the legendary APBT named Komany's CH. GIROUX ROM, pedigree Komany´s CASTRO here.

Aris CHARLIE (= Bart´s FRANK)

- when died Phil Aris - legendary American dogman , were rescued two of his dogs , which have Phil Aris extremely valued , one of them was Charlie (Frank), which was donated by Black Bart and subsequently imported to the Czech Republic, pedigree Aris CHARLIE here.

Anathema´s DEMON

- grandson of Gora, APBT possessing exceptional power, this was in contrast to larger with its very friendly towards humans

Anathema´s BURUE

- direct son of Gora, which emerged from breeding with Komany's CASTRO, his father gave him his character

The last living direct descendant of Gora, which can be seen in our kennel is female Anathema's G-LINE HONEY derived from the last litter (born in 2005).

In some pedigree is Anathema's (Skrba's) GORA erroneously cited as the Srba's GORA and her daughter Anathema's CALIENTE rooted Anakreon's CALIENTE.

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