Anathema program - "DOGS WITH HEART"


     Idea of establishing the APBT kennel in 1996 was and still is produce APBT pups in the highest possible quality. The key goal we strive for is that the American Pit Bull Terrier does not lose any of its qualities, which are so valued by their owners and have been profiled by leading breeders for centuries.

Focus of pitbulterier breeding program

     Our philosophy is that the American pit bull terrier is absolutely safe for its owner - stable and intelligent, while preserving features such as courage, endurance, strength and perfect health - this is APBT. The path leading to the established standard of the pitbulterier differs greatly from other breeds, namely that all the preferred external features are based on the goal of being the pitbulterier the most powerful and healthy dog. For this reason, we consider typical exterior signs too to be an important characteristic of the breed American pit bull terrier and we appreciate the confirmation pitbull show's successes (more in the section AWARDS).

Size of our breeding program

     Although our APBT breeding base is one of the largest in the Czech Republic and beyond that, we also have enough space options, we are not a commercial breeder that produces a large number of puppies. In twenty years of pitbulls breeding (1996-2016) we had 25 litters. We everytime pair only the best APBT individuals, in a thoroughly thought-out connections, to gain peak APBT puppies that meet the above-mentioned focus to the fullest extent possible.

Find more about our APBT breeding program in section Our breeding.

Updated 31. january 2022

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